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What is a resume?
A resume is a document that showcases your qualification, skills and experience. It acts as a marketing tool that gives the employer an overview of your suitability for job.

Why do you need a well written resume?
‘First Impression is the last Impression’, has been rightly said. Your resume is your first impression on prospective employer. If you will present a badly drafted resume, you will lose the chance even if you possess required experience and talents. On the other hand, an adroitly drafted resume highlights all of your key skills related to your profession. By way of resume, you get the chance to bring to notice of employers your abilities to handle assigned responsibilities along withtill date career achievements. This enables you to get shortlisted at this stage.

Why write your resumes with Bigstridz?
Bigstridz has a team of experienced and trained professionals who are proficient in writing resumes for candidates from entry level to senor positions. We also have a client base of over 1050 satisfied clients. We develop your resume to highlight your expert zones as well as your hidden talents. We ensure that the resume is well organized along with stating informative content in such a way that it impresses interviewers even in a quick review. Besides this we are offering highly competitive rates so as to extend our client base and establish a tight hold in the industry. The quality of resume is also not compromised for the nominal price that we are offering. Our customers can rest assured that each resume is developed by our team after extensive research and thought. See it for yourself by giving it a try. Make a difference to your resume and enhance chances of seeking your desired job.

Our Services:

  • Resume Writing –A well designed outline of your skills, experience and qualification.
  • Cover Letter Writing – A brief introduction to you resume by deliberately highlighting your skills.
  • Resume Analysis–Analysis of your current resume so as to bring to your notice the areas of enhancement in content, structure and layout.

    Our Rate Slabs:

    No. of Experience
    Resume Writing
    Resume Analysis
    Cover Letter
    Combo Pack
    Resume Writing + Cover Letter
    Combo Pack
    Resume Analysis + Cover Letter
    0-1 400 200 200 550 350
    1-4 700 300 300 950 550
    4-7 1000 500 500 1400 900
    7-12 1350 500 500 1750 900
    12+ 1500 500 500 1850 900